Merve Kaptan

işler/work  bilgi/info

the (?), weight (ağırlık), versus (-e karşı), acts of (gösterileri), and (ve)
The weight of democracy versus acts of happiness and           kindness
Oh, I had to talk, yes talk. Maybe for a whole year I had to talk until everyone is bored and tired and thirsty and hungry and bored and tired. There is a limit to my kindness i say to my next of kin, but all he does is watch me wash him. Oh how can I do this, how can I do this .... how can I remember what I am given and what to do when I give it back. I sit in gardens and watch a few cows eat the hay from my palm and their tongues touch my skin and I say, oh no, I should go and tell this to someone, I should talk about this. I run out out to find my next of kin to share the joy with but my joy is on the streets of somewhere called m.o.d.a, feels awkward inside the o's. Where has my friend gone? Oh you! You drink so much even before I say a word. Why do you do this to me, give me a sight of happiness and ... oh well, a well told tale behind a small kitten. Fells hectic, m and o and d and a feel like somewhere else. Oh I have to talk, yes talk maybe until until until ... until democracy pushes beautifully.
The weight of kindness versus acts of democracy and           happiness
What are these women doing? They walk, they talk, they rip black fabric. They are so happy, happier than ever they have ever been rescued and. This is the story and democracy has never been more successful than this beautiful sight. I think long and hard to come up with various ways to be kind but my limit is expired. Sea gulls enter a cow's nostrils and I feel ashamed for allowing such a freak accident but the bells hung on these cows irritate the man who walks in and out of this room. You will happily accept him. Cow 1 is a small, thin animal. Has a white rounded face with circular deep black eyes. Cow 2 is small, this animal. Has a rounded light orange thin face with thin blue eyes. Cow 3 is a large, thin animal, is a female, the mother of all the small, thin animals. Cow 4 is a large, thin animal, must be a male and the father ... The women with black fabric have arrived. Oh! The women with balck fabric have arrived.

Sound is required. Two recordings played simultaneously. Duration: continuous loop
woman 1: Merve Kaptan / woman 2: Carrie Afrin